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      Well that was quick and painless! Visiting family in LV and wanted to get my CCW renewed. Referred to Craig by some members of the law enforcement & private security that I know. Craig got me hooked up super quick and on short notice. Great guy, and really loves what he does. Obviously I'd recommend everyone to get their CCW and if you are in Nevada well, might as well have Craig get you squared away.

    thumb Jay M.

      This was the best Cwc class teacher was well informed I wii go back for more trining .

    thumb Manny Y.

      I took LV Firearms Training class for my renewal and learned more in this class than in my original CCW class, since then I've referred atleast 6 people to take the full CCW class and they all have said that they loved it! My wife is getting ready to get her CCW and she will only go to this place. Thanks!

    thumb Maxx B.

      Got my CCW with Craig through his one on one class. Very informative and enjoyed the pace of the class, even if it cost a little bit more than the group classes. Craig was very informed about NRS when it comes to carrying a firearm in Nevada, open and concealed. Thankfully, a friends referred me to him. Take any of his classes, group or one on one - you won't be sorry. I've already referred several people to him.

    thumb Heather R.

      What an AWESOME guy! Craig came to my house at 8am to teach me everything about firearms, laws, cleaning, handling etc. The course was so easy to follow and his PowerPoint presentation was great! Even showed real life pictures of what could happen if people are careless with their firearm. I am a first time gun owner and I learned SO much! Craig shares great stories too, feel like ive known him for years. We went to the shooting range after to complete the course and he helped me with posture and techniques. Nailed it! I highly recommend having Craig teach you about firearms, even if you think you know everything and taking your CCW class with him! THANK YOU for a great CCW course!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

    thumb Vee T.

      Thank you Craig Dean,
    Attention to detail and extremely knowledgeable.
    He covers laws, safety and real life situations.
    After taking his CCW training I feel confident I have the knowledge to keep myself and family safe.
    Highly recommended to all levels of shooters.

    thumb Chris T.

      As a disabled person I have found it just impossible to get a day to commit to getting my concealed carry permit. When I found Craig at Las Vegas Firearms Training it was perfect. He offers in home training at a more than reasonable price. My appointment was for March 4, 2019 at 8a.m.  Craig showed up on time and with a very impressive travel package that helps him do his job with just the utmost professionalism. The class was a joy to take. I learned a great deal of knowledge in areas I never anticipated. Craig is a very friendly and funny guy and made my Son and myself feel at ease with our inexperience. If you need your carry card I highly recommend you give Craig a call. You will be happy you did.

    thumb Robert H.

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NRA Instructor Certs are issued by the NRA training department.

Leon C Dean

Range Safety Officer Certs are issued by the NRA training department.

Leon C Dean

LVMPD Authorized CCW Concealed Weapons Carry Instructor


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